Natural raw materials and harmonious design

Following the classics, enjoying the modernization: The Wooden Line kitchen is a winning combination of the modern and classic kitchen, the best of both worlds. The design is a perfection of functionality and comfort, wrapped in a clean and neat looking design that conveys comfort and relaxation along with perfect functionality and ergonomics. These kitchens are characterized by warm brown colors, wooden textures and high-quality furnishing elements that provide it with its signature look. The Wooden Line kitchen is a testimony to the harmony of nature as it is reflected in the design, the use of natural raw materials and wood all result in a place of warmth with a sense of home. Creating an atmosphere of returning to nature, back to basics, home cooking, a positive feeling and inspiration for cooking with love and concern for the house members.

You don’t need to compromise your style or your dream, a Wooden Line kitchen combines perfectly the ever-timely styles. You are welcome to arrange an appointment to meet an expert designer that will construct a plan to build your dream kitchen, because perfect results start with careful planning.

please call: 04-6779393 or fill in your details and we will contact you shortly:

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