Relaxed, warm, homey environment and culinary inspiration from distant places

Cooking like in Provence, eating at home: A rustic kitchen connects between nature and modern life, and creates a comforting family environment. This style is a modern nod to the traditional English townhouse that continues to charm Europe and offers designed glimpses of Provence in your home. This kitchen is a synonym to a higher standard of living, a connection to fine culinary and a love for cooking.

The heart of this design is the high-quality wood-work with the main raw material being woodblock surfaces. Our designed doors are characterized by the refreshing combinations of different kinds of decorations, cornices, high-quality elements that provide a presence, inclines, moldings and wooden textures all together create a homey, pastoral and warm appearance.

Working surfaces in the rustic kitchen are spacious and allow for a comfortable use, as well as providing the space both a luxurious look while maintaining an inviting and enveloping environment.

The main color palette in these kinds of kitchens are shades of brown and earth tones that give it a unique style, that proves an inspiration to all those who view the kitchen as the heart of the home, and cooking and hosting as a center for a vibrant and happy lifestyle. This style suits those who want to include elements of nature into their personal life and to gain inspiration form kitchens with a presence and meaning.

The designing process of the rustic kitchen is an expertise that demands high familiarity with designing motifs and the compounding materials of a kitchen of this kind. Also, the design of the kitchen needs to fully service the family members, their lifestyle and their love for food and hosting. You are invited to a arrange a consulting meeting with our in-house expert designers who will fit you with a perfect rustic kitchen.

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